Nginx UI allows you to access and modify the nginx configurations files without cli. - schenkd/nginx-ui
Memory in Javascript— beyond leaks
JavaScript is a very high-level language. As such, most developers don’t tend to think a lot about how data is stored in memory. In this article, we will go over how data is stored in the memory, how…
Reverse Engineering Snapchat (Part II): Deobfuscating the Undeobfuscatable
Reverse Engineering Snapchat (Part II): Debofuscating the Undeobfuscatable 2020-06-22
Tensorflow on edge, or – Building a “smart” security camera with a Raspberry Pi
The amount of time my outdoor cameras are being set off by light, wind, cars, or anything other than a human is insane. Overly cautious security cameras might be a feature, but an annoying one at that...
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