Safe-Linking - Eliminating a 20 year-old malloc() exploit primitive - Check Point Research
Research by: Eyal Itkin Overview One of our goals for every research project we work on in Check Point Research is to get an intimate understanding of how software work: What components do they contain? Are they vulnerable? How can attackers exploit these vulnerabilities? And more importantly, how c…

Kiss Linux – A distribution with a focus on less is more (

Three bugs in the Go MySQL Driver
Check out what we learned from shipping our busiest Go service in production—we found 3 bugs in the Go MySQL driver.
Roll Your Own Frameworks
Introduction When I build an application, I build frameworks along the way. I recently realized that not everybody thinks this is normal, so I thought I’d give a description of what I do and why I thi
Windows Package Manager CLI (aka winget). Contribute to microsoft/winget-cli development by creating an account on GitHub.