Time to upgrade your monitor
A non-comprehensive and opinionated guide to best monitor for programming


STATE OF LINUX DESKTOP SECURITY : https://bjornpagen.com/blog/linux-security

The CNIL publishes a GDPR guide for developers | CNIL
Is this guide only for developers? This guide is mainly aimed at developers working alone or in teams, team leaders, service providers but also at anyone interested in web or application development. It provides advice and best practices, and thus gives useful keys to understand the GDPR for every s…
Why is there a “V” in SIGSEGV Segmentation Fault?
My program received a SIGSEGV signal and crashed with “Segmentation Fault” message. Where does the “V” come from? Did I read it wrong? Was there a “Segmentation *V*ault?”? Or did Linux authors make a mistake? Shouldn’t the signal be named SIGSEGF?