Keep tabs on your tabs in Google Chrome
Tab grouping feature coming to Google Chrome
fretrograde: this word does not exist
This Word Does Not Exist uses an artificial intelligence model named GPT-2 to invent new words in the English language.
The logging framework isn’t a bottleneck, and other lies your laptop tells you
It’s easy to imagine big, impressive server hardware as faster than a machine you might take to a cafe. The truth is, server hardware is different, not necessarily faster. The mechanical sympathy community has long advocated developers use server hardware as daily drivers. I used to worry that takin…
Review of new Apple and Google Contact Tracing Protocol
On April 24th 2020 Apple & Google have announced a new version of the Apple & Google Contact Tracing Protocol which they programmed in a joint effort. Now it’s to be called “Exposure Notification…
Two lessons on reducing sign-up friction
I’ve been working for the past few months on a side project called Cortado []. It’s a website that helps to give you control over your daily information intake. You can create a personalized daily email with content from RSS feeds, email newsletters, Twitter, Reddit, Hacker N… - The World’s Longest Alphabetical Email Address - The World’s Longest Alphabetical Email Address