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Commande pour envoyer un email au format HTML depuis le terminal ! Dommage qu'on ne peut pas la copier/coller 😢
Cloning a 6502 Apple-1 in just 930 logic gates
Blog about vintage computers and homebrewing computers.
HAProxy vs nginx: Why you should NEVER use nginx for load balancing!
Load balancers are the point of entrance to the datacenter. They are on the critical path to access anything and everything. That give them some interesting characteristics. First, they are the mos…
Microsoft now blocks reply-all email storms to end our inbox nightmares
Microsoft is adding a reply-all email storm block feature to Exchange Online and Office 365. It’s designed to stop people from replying to big email threads and clogging up inboxes and email servers.
5 AWS Services You Should Avoid!
AWS comes with many components that cover different areas of concerns. But, most are not general purpose and cheap enough to be applied correctly. Used in the wrong context, they end up wasting time…