Bash-like $SHELL designed for greater commandline productivity and safer shell scripts - lmorg/murex
Bit is a modern Git CLI. Contribute to chriswalz/bit development by creating an account on GitHub.
An Interactive Guide to CSS Transitions
This comprehensive guide shows how to use CSS transitions! A back-to-basics look at the fundamental building blocks we need to create microinteractions and other animations.
Think you don’t need a VPN? Here are five times you just might. – The Firefox Frontier
Here are a few times a trustworthy VPN will come in handy that you might not have considered. Close the gap in your online security with Mozilla VPN.
🧑‍💻📊 Show off your most used shell commands. Contribute to irevenko/tsukae development by creating an account on GitHub.
How often should I rotate my ssh keys?
An intriguing tale of rotating ssh keys.
Google admits Kubernetes container tech is so complex, it’s had to roll out an Autopilot feature to do it all for you
More expensive, less flexible, but easier and safer to use
Why is the DOS path character ”\”? - Larry Osterman’s WebLog - Site Home - MSDN Blogs
Playstation 2 Architecture | A Practical Analysis
An in-depth analysis that explains how this console works internally
Cross-database queries in SQLite (and weeknotes)
I released Datasette 0.55 and sqlite-utils 3.6 this week with a common theme across both releases: supporting cross-database joins. Cross-database queries in Datasette SQLite databases are single files on disk. …
A Super Mario 64 decompilation, brought to you by a bunch of clever folks. - n64decomp/sm64
An open-source tool for generating flowcharts from text
How I cut GTA Online loading times by 70%
GTA Online. Infamous for its slow loading times. Having picked up the game again to finish some of the newer heists I was shocked (/s) to discover that it still loads just as slow as the day it was re