Visual guide to SSH tunnels
If you maintain an open-source project in the range of 10k-200k lines of code, I strongly encourage you to add an ARCHITECTURE document next to README and CO...
⚓ T273741 Investigate unusual media traffic pattern for AsterNovi-belgii-flower-1mb.jpg on Commons
Dependency Confusion: How I Hacked Into Apple, Microsoft and Dozens of Other Companies
Ever since I started learning how to code, I have been fascinated by the level of trust we put in a simple command like this one: Some programming languages, like Python, come with an easy, more or…
🦔 PostHog is developer-friendly, open-source product analytics. - PostHog/posthog
PostHog - Open-Source Product Analytics
Self-hosted product analytics stack, to deploy on your infrastructure.
Timezone Bullshit
You Shall Not Pass 💬
Google could have killed Facebook | Hacker News
The story of how Google could have killed Facebook with the flick of a switch
As we near the end of this decade, and more importantly the end of the hell that was 2020, I realised two things. First, I survived catching Covid-19, and secondly that I had a good story about the…
On navigating a large codebase