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Linux x86 Program Start Up
Angular v13 is now Available
We’re back with the brand new release of Angular v13 to share with all of you! This latest release brings all sorts of updates and features to help your teams build great apps. Get Angular v13 now by… - Offline Toolbox for Developers
Powerful developer tools to help you with your everyday tasks. Native macOS app, work offline, and respect your data.
GitHub - bobeff/open-source-games: A list of open source games.
A list of open source games. Contribute to bobeff/open-source-games development by creating an account on GitHub.
GitHub Apps - How to avoid leaking your customer’s source code with GitHub apps | Roadie
How to avoid leaking your customer’s source code with GitHub apps.
A truly Open Source MongoDB alternative
MongoDB is a life-changing technology for many Developers, empowering them to build applications faster than using relational databases. However, MongoDB abandoned its Open Source roots, changing the license to SSPL making it unusable for many Open Source and Commercial Projects. MangoDB is going to…
Developer Tools secrets that shouldn’t be secrets | Christian Heilmann
Jitsu : Open Source Data Integration Platform
Jitsu is an open-source data integration platform. Our mission is to ensure that all yourbusiness data is consolidated in a single database and ready for analytics.
Motor Admin | No-Code Admin Panel
Stop developing your admin panel and focus on growing the actual product. The fastest and easiest way to bootstrap internal tools for your business. An open source no-code admin panel to manage your data, perform custom actions, build reports and dashboards.
Anatomy of a Terminal Emulator
The terminal emulator as a platform for development. Understanding the nitty-gritty, writing some Rust examples and learning how to cause a small bit of mischief.