A deeper dive into our May 2019 security incident - Stack Overflow Blog
We take a detailed look at a hacking incident that gave a user unauthorized access to our code and data.
Personium | Open Source PDS
An interconnectable open source PDS (Personal Data Store) server envisioning world wide web of protected data APIs.
Why I’m losing faith in UX
Digital design increasingly exploits users.

A framework that makes things worse on purpose (telnet.asia) : https://postmodernize.telnet.asia/

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CrateDB Doubling Down on Permissive Licensing and the Elasticsearch Lockdown - CrateDB
Crate.io will no longer use Elastic’s Elasticsearch as an upstream project for CrateDB and open source its entire codebase under the APLv2 with CrateDB 4.5
Cannes: How ML saves us $1.7M a year on document previews