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Behind the scenes, AWS Lambda
spacers - when you need more space
spacers is a JS library that supports multiple spacers for controlling padding/margin, linking functionality & much more!
How I accidentally took down GitHub Actions
Last December, I was invited to a private bug bounty program to test a beta version of GitHub Actions. GitHub Actions is a workflow automation tool integrated with GitHub. One common use case of GitHub Actions is for CI builds – a project can fairly easily start up a Docker container every time they…
Git repository with a commit for every single shorthash - not-an-aardvark/every-git-commit-shorthash
Cheat-maker brags of computer-vision auto-aim that works on “any game”
Capture cards, input hardware, and machine learning get around system-level lockdowns.
NDA Expired - let’s spill the beans on a weird startup
Many moons ago, when I was very young and you were even younger… London was in full bloom of tech-startups. I was running my own consultancy. Dashing from business to business, trying to pick…
How an Italian soldier in the 1920s managed to stuff up world temperature records for 90 years
It’s looking like the mantle for hottest temperature reliably recorded on Earth could be under threat again this weekend as the US faces another blast of extreme heat, but the history of global temperature records has been fraught with error.
npm audit: Broken by Design
Found 99 vulnerabilities (84 moderately irrelevant, 15 highly irrelevant)
VPN - a Very Precarious Narrative - Dennis Schubert
A very long article about commercial VPNs, their marketing strategies, and the truth behind their privacy and security claims.
The Amazon Personal Games Policy Is Ridiculous
Software engineer James Liu has revealed the Amazon “Personal Games” policy, a set of onerous restrictions on hobbyist game developers working at Amazon.
Thread by @Joe8Bit: “I saw a tweet asking why sometimes when you unsubscribe from an email list it says it can ‘take a few days’. Buckle up, as I have a RIDICULO […]”
Thread by @Joe8Bit: “I saw a tweet asking why sometimes when you unsubscribe from an email list it says it can ‘take a few days’. Buckle up, RIDICULOUS story about this happening in The Enterprise ... There’s a bank. Let’s assume you’ve heard of the […]”
Google’s unfair performance advantage in Chrome
Google Chrome for Android gives Google Search (when set as the default search engine) a network performance-boost over competing search engines.
Why I Had to Migrate from MongoDB to PostgreSQL
A few months ago, I made WeWatch, a mobile app to help you find what films to watch. I made the decision to use MongoDB because of the popularity of the MERN stack.
Professional video editing powered by machine learning — all on the web.
GraalVM at Facebook
Facebook is using GraalVM to accelerate its Spark workloads and reduce memory & CPU usage. Keep reading to learn about their migration story, performance improvement results, and future plans. This…
How JavaScript Works: deep dive into call, apply and bind
This is post # 35 of the series, dedicated to exploring JavaScript and its building components. In the process of identifying and describing the core elements, we also share some rules of thumb we…
Against SQL
Best of .bashrc |
Tellery helps you explore, analyze and share analytics in one place. As easy as using a notebook. As powerful as a data modeling tool.
End to end backend server for frontend and mobile developers. 👩‍💻👨‍💻 - Appwrite
5kb subset of Vue optimized for progressive enhancement - vuejs/petite-vue