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Beginner's Series to: Rust
The Future of Games is an Instant Flash to the past
The success of an open source browser game called Friday Night Funkin tells us where “instant games” might go. Hint: we’ve been here before.
LKML: Qu Wenruo: Please don’t waste maintainers’ time on your KPI grabbing patches (AKA, don’t be a KPI jerk)
NVIDIA Canvas : Harness The Power Of AI
Create Backgrounds Quickly, or Speed up your Concept Exploration.
.bashrc generator: create your .bashrc PS1 with a drag and drop interface
Police Arrest Three For Posting 10 Minute Movie Summaries on YouTube * TorrentFreak
Police in Japan have arrested three individuals who uploaded so-called ‘fast movies’ to YouTube in breach of copyright law.
[Rant] I can’t stand developing for Safari anymore
In the last few years, I’ve seen Safari slowly fall behind Chrome & Firefox. It wasn’t exactly a brillant browser before, but it’s now completely...
GitLab 14.0 released with a celebration of GitLab 14
GitLab 14.0 released with a celebration of GitLab 14