You don’t need UUID | Henrique Vicente
I’ve experienced first-hand how using UUID hurts the usability of computer systems, and I want you to understand why you certainly don’t need it.
You Don’t Need to Rebuild Your Development Docker Image on Every Code Change
You can mount code from your development machine into a container and save yourself tedious waiting times during development.
File Permissions: the painful side of Docker – Coding Thoughts
This is not a drill: VMware vuln with 9.8 severity rating is under attack
Code execution flaw in vCenter is exploited to install web shell on unpatched machines.
POKEGB: a gameboy emulator that only plays Pokémon blue
:computer: C++ Functional Terminal User Interface. :heart: - ArthurSonzogni/FTXUI
Anatomy of a Linux DNS Lookup – Part I
Since I work a lot with clustered VMs, I’ve ended up spending a lot of time trying to figure out how DNS lookups work. I applied ‘fixes’ to my problems from StackOverflow without …
How a Jenkins Job Broke our Jenkins UI - Slack Engineering
Troubleshooting plugin upgrades by going down the rabbit hole of debugging Jenkins.
How malloc broke Serenity’s JPGLoader, or: how to win the lottery
I got the chance to investigate an interesting bug inSerenityOS this week. It was related to the decodingof JPG images in the operating system. For some reason, when a JPG image isviewed, it comes out like this: Lenna,showing up with incorrect colors. Weird, huh? Al…
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