State of the Web: Deno
What is Deno, why does it matter, and how is it currently used for server-side JavaScript?
The IBM PC DOS 1.10 Boot Sector
Unidentified PC DOS 1.1 Boot Sector Junk Identified | OS/2 Museum
GitHub - dzove855/Bash-web-server: A purely bash web server, no socat, netcat, etc...
A purely bash web server, no socat, netcat, etc... - GitHub - dzove855/Bash-web-server: A purely bash web server, no socat, netcat, etc...
Dev corrupts NPM libs ‘colors’ and ‘faker’ breaking thousands of apps
Users of popular open-source libraries ‘colors’ and ‘faker’ were left stunned after they saw their applications, using these libraries, printing gibberish data and breaking. Some surmised if the NPM libraries had been compromised, but it turns out there’s more to the story.
research!rsc: What NPM Should Do Today To Stop A New Colors Attack Tomorrow
Make Beautiful Gradients
Have you ever noticed that gradients tend to look a little gray and washed-out in the middle? This happens because of a mathematical quirk with RGB colors. Fortunately, we can work around this quirk, and create beautiful, lush, saturated gradients.
Shodan 2000
A minimal game to waste your time.
Customer Support - Why can’t I play Ultra HD Blu-ray movies on my new Intel CPU (11th generation or above) platform that does not support Intel SGX feature? Why are Ultra HD Blu-ray discs no longer playable after related Intel drivers and the Windows OS were updated on older platforms that support the Intel SGX feature? | CyberLink
SSH Bastion host best practices: How to Build and Deploy a Security-Hardened SSH Bastion Host
Learn best practices to build and deploy a security-hardened SSH bastion host based on OpenSSH server.
Your own internet radio station in one line | Zack Scholl
Use common Linux utilities and a simple server to easily make an internet radio stations that anyone can access.
In MySQL, never use “utf8”. Use “utf8mb4”.
Today’s bug: I tried to store a UTF-8 string in a MariaDB “utf8”-encoded database, and Rails raised a bizarre error: This is a UTF-8 client and a UTF-8 server, in a UTF-8 database with a UTF-8…
MySQL/MariaDB character sets and collations explained – why utf8 is not UTF-8
This guide explains the difference between utf8 and utf8mb4 and why mixed collations are bad for performance