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CLUI: Building a Graphical Command Line
> “Command line interfaces. Once that was all we had. Then they disappeared, replaced by what we thought was a great advance: GUIs. GUIs…
Presentation slides for developers


Why Java’s Records Are Better* Than Lombok’s @Data and Kotlin’s Data Classes // nipafx
While all three remove boilerplate, the similarities don’t go much further. Records have stronger semantics with important downstream benefits, which makes them better*. (* not always; depends on circumstances; excuse the clickbait)
Generating more interesting image previews using imagemagick
A couple of tries at generating more interesting image previews using imagemagick with the mini_magick gem.
Pedro Duarte
Code blocks, but better
Github Restores Reverse-Engineered GTA Code Following DMCA Counter Notice * TorrentFreak
GitHub has restored a fork of the fan-made “Re3” project that published reverse-engineered code of the popular GTA 3 and Vice City games.
HTML Sanitizer API - Web APIs | MDN
The HTML Sanitizer API allow developers to take untrusted strings of HTML, and sanitize them for safe insertion into a document’s DOM.
Searching the web for < $1000 / month | Search more with less
This blog post pairs best with our common-crawl demo and a glass of vin de Loire.
Notes from the Architect — Varnish version trunk documentation