You might as well timestamp it
In my 15+ years of web development, there are very few things I can say are unequivocally a good idea. It almost always does depend. Storing timestamps instead of booleans, however, is one of those things I can go out on a limb and say it doesn’t really depend all that much. You might as well timest…
A new way to make maps with OpenStreetMap | Protomaps
If you develop for the web, you’ve probably heard of OpenStreetMap, an open data alternative to Google Maps. Despite the wide name recognition of OSM, you may have questions like how do I make a web map with OSM data? and how can I host maps myself?
Standard Textile Care Symbols · Issue #410 · Crissov/unicode-proposals
Proposal for new characters Name Description TEXTILE CARE SYMBOL WASHING TUB washing, shows a tub TEXTILE CARE SYMBOL WASHING TUB WITH THIRTY DEGREES CELSIUS US and Canadian variant comes with one ...
Semgrep is an open-source tool for lightweight static analysis using a familiar syntax
Green Vs. Brown Programming Languages
I’ve noticed something interesting about the types of programming languages people like. It’s something that doesn’t seem to come up in various discussions of programming language preferences.
DbGate | Your database management tool
Open source database manager for MS SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL and MongoDB with JavaScript scripting support.
Tiny Container Challenge: Building a 6kB Containerized HTTP Server!
TL;DR I set out to build the smallest container image that I could that was still able to do something useful. By taking advantage of multistage builds, the scratch base image, and a tiny assembly based http server, I was able to get it down to 6.32kB! - Easiest Way to Create A README
Use’s markdown editor and ready made templates to easily create a simple README for your repositories
A collection of modern/faster/saner alternatives or complements to common unix commands. - ibraheemdev/modern-unix
How to fuck up software releases
Starting a TypeScript Project in 2021
This is a guide for starting a TypeScript project in 2021 with modern tooling. TypeScript 4Optionally esbuild to bundle for browsers (and Node.js)Linting with typescript-eslint (tslint is deprecated)Testing with Jest (and ts-jest)Publishing a package to npmContinuous integration (GitHub Action…
Disasters I’ve seen in a microservices world
When Martin Fowler’s post about microservices came out in 2014, the teams where I worked were already building service-oriented architectures. That post and the subsequent hype made their way into almost every software team in the world. The “Netflix OSS stack” was the coolest thing back then, allow…
Fallacies of distributed computing - Wikipedia