uBlock Origin - An efficient blocker for Chromium and Firefox. Fast and lean. - gorhill/uBlock
This Is Why You Shouldn’t Interrupt a Programmer - The Slightly Disgruntled Scientist
Since @kevin_rudds_cat suggested it, I also made a two-column A4 sized PDF version. Update: So after being retweeted several hundred times and being …
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Cloud Database Manager. Contribute to dbeaver/cloudbeaver development by creating an account on GitHub.
Pokemon or BigData
Is it a Pokemon or a BigData tech?
I Made A Mobile App for my Significant Other (And She Doesn’t Use It)
Mozilla Specification Positions
Best practices for writing SQL queries
SQL best practices: a brief guide to writing better SQL queries.
VirtOcean | Ocean noise generator
Relaxing sounds of the ocean waves crashing on the beach. Sounds of the sea for relaxing or studying.
Docker without Docker
Our users deliver software to us as Docker containers, but we don’t use Docker to run them. We transmogrify container images into Firecracker micro-VMs. Here’s how.
🦸🏿‍♂️ The GraphQL API for WordPress is now transpiled from PHP 8.0 to 7.1 - GraphQL API for WordPress
Using the latest PHP features for development
Stop relying on GUI; CLI **ROCKS**. Contribute to you-dont-need/You-Dont-Need-GUI development by creating an account on GitHub.