What is my IP address? — ifconfig.co
ifconfig.co • What is my IP address? — The best tool to find your own IP address, and information about it.
HOWTO backdoor curl | daniel.haxx.se
Bebop: An Efficient, Schema-based Binary Serialization Format | Rainway
Powering cross-platform applications with speed, safety, and confidence.
Amelia Wattenberger
A “Better C” Benchmark
An unusual benchmark for programming languages, designed to replace C. Unlike many other benchmarks, this one measures developer productivity and performance.
SQLite is not a toy database
Here is why SQLite is a perfect tool for you - whether you are a developer, data analyst, or geek.
Honest Microservices
My dudes. We gotta break out of this infinite loop. Future generations will thank us.
Reducing database queries to a minimum with DataLoaders
In our previous posts, we’ve talked about improving performance by streamlining processing and by minimising the overhead in libraries such as node-postgres, this time, let’s dive deeper into how…
signed char lotte
“signed char lotte” is a computer program written by Brian Westley and the winner of the “Best Layout” award in the 1990 International Obfuscated C Code Contest. The cleverness of the text is staggering. Superficially it reads as an epistolary exchange between two (possibly former) lovers, Charlotte…
Product Analytics, Business Intelligence, and Product Management in a fully self-contained box - EngaugeAI/engauge
A high-level terminal interface library for node.js. - chjj/blessed
The sns tool is used to manage the full life cycle of your Simplenetes clusters. It integrates with the Simplenetes Podcompiler project podc to compile pods. - simplenetes-io/simplenetes
The Space Tool
A categorized list of all Java and JVM features since JDK 8 to 16
Last updated on 2021/04/01 to include changes up to JDK 16.
Curated list of awesome things related to Deno. Contribute to denolib/awesome-deno development by creating an account on GitHub.