StupidStackLanguage - Esolang
📝 A neon plain text editor. Contribute to adamfuhrer/neon-editor development by creating an account on GitHub.
What’s new in SQLite 3.35
SQLite developers often prefer to work on database internals. For an external observer nothing really changes. 2020 was a pleasant exception - SQLite received a bunch of nice features for ordinary users, such as generated columns, UPDATE FROM and fantastic .mode box in the shell.
vscode-pets - Visual Studio Marketplace
Extension for Visual Studio Code - Pets for your VS Code
self-hosting git; or, how git servers actually work, and how to keep yours secure
Mailoji: I bought 300 emoji domain names from Kazakhstan and built an email service | Tiny Projects
I bought 300 emoji domain names from Kazakhstan and built an emoji email address service. In the process I went viral on Tik Tok, made $1000 in a week, hired a Japanese voice actor, and learnt about the weird world of emoji domains.
Spectre in JavaScript
A Spectre demo written in JavaScript for Chrome 88. - Overly descriptive color palettes
A fun way to discover interesting color combinations.
GitHub’s Web Component collection. Contribute to github/github-elements development by creating an account on GitHub.
I Almost Got Fired for Choosing React in Our Enterprise App
It’s summer 2018. My boss, Adrian, asks me to join him in a Skype call with James, the CTO of a big Canadian company. While getting to know each other, I find out that James is a smart guy with big…
Building a Zoom Mute Button
Instagram recently showed me an ad for a dedicated mute button for Zoom, which seemed a little too on the nose.
Baserow - Open source online database.
Baserow is an open source Django and Nuxt online database. Our tool gives you the powers of a developer without leaving your browser.