MAJ du 16/11/2020

Ok Google: please publish your DKIM secret keys
The Internet is a dangerous place in the best of times. Sometimes Internet engineers find ways to mitigate the worst of these threats, and sometimes they fail. Every now and then, however, a major …
How I failed to make LinkedIn fix their broken international domain URL parser – Morten Helmstedt: Programmering, CV

MAJ du 18/11/2020

A fully interactive, realtime and modern browser rendered to TTY
40 Ms Bug
40 millisecond bug

MAJ du 20/11/2020

3D mapping engine for the web. Contribute to felixpalmer/procedural-gl-js development by creating an account on GitHub.
Binary Artifact Management Tool. Contribute to artipie/artipie development by creating an account on GitHub.
Loaf · Blog · Animated SVG icon editor
Why I chose Electron.js over native macOS and Windows apps to build my side project.
Dev Fonts
Interactive list of the best fonts for developers with options to preview fonts and themes

MAJ du 21/11/2020

Optimizing Your Web App 100x is Like Adding 99 Servers - Luke Rissacher’s Blog
Why Japanese Web Design Is So Different – Cultural, Linguistic & Technical Factors – Randomwire
Playmaker: The Reality of 10x Engineer
Sometimes I feel sorry for our recruitment team. They spent years looking for rockstar developers, only to realize that the developers they should have been searching for are actually ninjas. When…
Home | ClockworkPi
DevTerm - An Open Source Portable Terminal for Every Dev.

MAJ du 22/11/2020

Booting from a vinyl record :

This X Does Not Exist
Using generative adversarial networks (GAN), we can learn how to create realistic-looking fake versions of almost anything, as shown by this collection of sites that have sprung up in the past month.