MAJ du 10/11/2020

A library that makes it easier to create beautiful console applications. - spectresystems/spectre.console
How-To Revert HP Printer’s Ban on 3rd-Party Ink Cartridges | Kevin Deldycke
The JavaScript Self-Profiling API
Measuring costly JavaScript with the JavaScript self-profiling API
Micro 3.0 (M3O) is a platform for cloud native development
This is the official announcement for the release of Micro 3.0 better known as M3O - a platform for cloud native development. Our 3.0 release is a major refactor and consolidation of the existing tooling into something that addresses the entire workflow of build, run, manage and consume all from the…
Micro is a platform for cloud native application development - micro/micro
How I wrote JavaScript to avoid JavaScript
Web technologies have come so far, that you realize: not everything needs to be done in JavaScript nowadays anymore.
Reproducing images with geometric primitives. Contribute to fogleman/primitive development by creating an account on GitHub.

MAJ du 11/11/2020

How to get root on Ubuntu 20.04 by pretending nobody’s /home - GitHub Security Lab
Ubuntu 20.04 local privilege escalation using vulnerabilities in gdm3 and accountsservice (CVE-2020-16125, CVE-2020-16126, CVE-2020-16127)

MAJ du 12/11/2020

One-liners | Basic | Cheat sheet | Linux Command Library
Handy cheat sheet with basics and tips about working with One-liners on the linux command line.
Intent to Remove: HTTP/2 and gQUIC server push
Etebase - Your end-to-end encrypted backend
An open-source and end-to-end encrypted SDK and backend
⛑ Gatus - Automated service health dashboard. Contribute to TwinProduction/gatus development by creating an account on GitHub.