MAJ du 06/11/2020

Deprecating scp
The scpcommand, which uses the SSH protocol tocopy files between machines, is deeply wired into the fingers of many Linux users anddevelopers — doubly so for those of us who still think of it as a moresecure replacement for rcp. Many users may be surprised to learn,though, that the resemblanc…
:man: A git diffable JSON database on yer filesystem. - c9fe/sirdb
Ambra - Organize tasks in a natural way using tags and mentions
Ambra removes task creation ceremonies by describing tasks in a natural way using only tags and mentions in a single box. Tags are used as the attributes of the task, user mentions as the task assignees and one single box instead of multiple form fields.
The Best Live Chat Tool — Satchel
Learn Linux Basics – Bash Command Tutorial for Beginners
This Linux Command Handbook will cover 60 core Bash commands you will need as adeveloper. Each command includes example code and tips for when to use it. This Linux Command Handbook follows the 80/20 rule: you’ll learn 80% of a topicin around 20% of the time you spend studying it. I find that th…

IPv6 Is a Total Nightmare — This is Why
IPv6 Is a Total Nightmare — This is Why - Anything from programming, to photography, to cars, you name it, I’ve probably posted about it.
Watch Bill Gates Give Brilliant 30-Second Answers To Common Job Interview Questions
Bill Gates shows NBA star Stephen Curry how to sound confident in job interviews.