MAJ du 26/10/2020

Why we chose Java for our High-Frequency Trading application
In the world of High-Frequency Trading, automated applications process hundreds of millions of market signals every day and send back thousands of orders on various exchanges around the globe. In…
Home Server setup: Raspberry PI on Internet via reverse SSH tunnel
Home Server setup: Raspberry PI on Internet via reverse SSH tunnel -
How a one line change decreased our build times by 99%
Urvashi Reddy | Software Engineer, Engineering Productivity Team Adam Berry | Tech Lead, Engineering Productivity Team Rui Li | Software Engineer, Engineering Productivity Team The Engineering…
MuditaOS - Open Source E Ink mobile operating system
A minimalistic, beautifully designed operating system for Pure feature phone.
Microsoft TileCode
Design, Code and Play Games on MakeCode Arcade Devices

MAJ du 27/10/2020

Twitter preconnects to the wrong domains
Twitter tried to reduce load times for external links, but made things slower instead. It mistakenly normalizes domain to a point where they’re no longer useful.

MAJ du 31/10/2020

Samy Kamkar - NAT Slipstreaming
exploit NAT/firewalls to access TCP/UDP services bound on a victim machine
WinXP - Windows XP in React
Windows XP in React and Hooks! Try Minesweeper, Internet Explorer, Notepad in your browser!
A Spectre is Haunting Unicode
In 1978 Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry established the encoding that would later be known as JIS X 0208, which still serves as an important reference for all Japanese encodings. However, after the JIS standard was released people noticed something strange - several of the added char…
AI Camera Ruins Soccer Game For Fans After Mistaking Referee’s Bald Head For Ball
Technology and sports have a fairly mixed relationship already. Log on to Twitter during a soccer match (or football as it’s properly known*) and as well a
A Collection of application ideas which can be used to improve your coding skills. - florinpop17/app-ideas

The 7 Tasks :

Netflix Android and iOS Studio Apps — now powered by Kotlin Multiplatform
Over the last few years Netflix has been developing a mobile app called Prodicle to innovate in the physical production of TV shows and movies. The world of physical production is fast-paced, and…